Thursday, 17 May 2012

Personal Assignments

For both of these characters I used Adobe Illustrator to design them and from that I considered how I was going to animate them and decided to give them both a "prop" with the egg and the bow tie. I really like my Pidgin/ owl/ bird thing that I designed, I feel I actually captured some character with him be it the little details like his goatee, or the slightly more human emotion on his face with his mouth a little open and his eyebrows raised.

Both of these videos were made by using the Vectors I had made with Illustrator and importing them into 3ds max, this allows me to convert splines into editable polys and then build on from my design. I did this to try and combine the 2d feel of illustrator with 3d software as I can see myself moving on in that direction over the summer.

Not only did I combine Illustrator with 3dsmax to Animate, I animated through photoshop too. Because of the way photoshop works I wasn't able to make vectors in it, so I decided to make a pixel art character, just to see if I could and how bad it was. 

This was one of my tests with this style and although I liked the outcome of this I doubt I will develop pixel art on further than need be, just because I feel I'm better with illustrator but also because of how tedious animating a sprite could be.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Mental Ray

These are the settings in the material editor for the water using Mental Ray for the water, I then I used the smoke render in the displacement layer to create ripples.

More 3D Cow stuff

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Surreal scene

I started by making a cow with long legs, this was because I wanted to make something with long legs but I didn't want to use the regular style dali went for with Lions, Tigers and Elephants. Instead I tried to think of the most bland and boring animal I could and it was a choice between a cow and a sheep.

For this Scene I wanted to combine the sand and sea style Dali used with the Cows I had made. to bread the scene up I added a bit of decking and a pier.

Surreal Moodboard

For this surreal post brief I wanted to look at one of my favorite artists, Dali. The standout points of his work are the beach/ water scenes and the long sticks for legs (and holding up faces). For a while a lot of the work Dali produced was while he was under the influence of acid (LSD), and while painting down the docks he would tend to fixate on the fishing rods and the boat masts and these would become part of his painting.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


These are some saves of hidden layers on he photoshop file that I worked over the top of. I'm not very good at doing faces...

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Self Portrait Mood Board.

I looked at dread related cartoon characters as clearly my hair is the most noticeable part of me.