Thursday, 17 May 2012

Personal Assignments

For both of these characters I used Adobe Illustrator to design them and from that I considered how I was going to animate them and decided to give them both a "prop" with the egg and the bow tie. I really like my Pidgin/ owl/ bird thing that I designed, I feel I actually captured some character with him be it the little details like his goatee, or the slightly more human emotion on his face with his mouth a little open and his eyebrows raised.

Both of these videos were made by using the Vectors I had made with Illustrator and importing them into 3ds max, this allows me to convert splines into editable polys and then build on from my design. I did this to try and combine the 2d feel of illustrator with 3d software as I can see myself moving on in that direction over the summer.

Not only did I combine Illustrator with 3dsmax to Animate, I animated through photoshop too. Because of the way photoshop works I wasn't able to make vectors in it, so I decided to make a pixel art character, just to see if I could and how bad it was. 

This was one of my tests with this style and although I liked the outcome of this I doubt I will develop pixel art on further than need be, just because I feel I'm better with illustrator but also because of how tedious animating a sprite could be.